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Why Rebalance?

Are you stressed? Do you often feel exhausted by a seemingly never ending to-do list? Regularly lose focus during the afternoon slump? Do you struggle to find time for a break? Maybe you feel stiff and sluggish by the end of the day?

You are not alone.

What’s Wrong With The Way We Work?

Stressed and stationary are quickly becoming our new normal.

As the pressures and responsibilities of the workplace and modern life have increased, so too has the incidence of work related physical and mental health conditions.

The rates of work-related stress, burnout, and depression are on the rise. Currently, 73% of Australian professionals experiencing some degree of stress in an average week1McMillan, L. (2016). 2016 Snapshot of the Australian Workplace. Reventure Ltd., Melbourne..

Long periods of sitting are also bad for our health. As we sit, we move less, causing blood flow in the body to slow. This means our organs and brain receive less oxygen, which in turn leads to reduced focus and concentration.

Bring balance back into your day

Despite our best intentions, taking a break at work to press pause, breathe consciously, or stretch tired muscles can seem difficult or even impossible.

Many professionals struggle to manage stress, improve their work-life balance, or to find ways to support their physical and mental wellbeing.

What if there was a tool to help you take tiny breaks while improving your mood, releasing muscle tension and boosting your energy and focus?

Introducing: Rebalance

Rebalance helps busy professionals like you to de-stress, improve your mood and transform your workday.

We provide short and simple mindful movement, breathwork and reflection exercises so that you can start to de-stress and improve the way you feel at work.

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